Tweet: Gifted Yoga teacher, wise woman of embodiment, InterPlay facilitator, purveyor of Sacred Poetry.   Her way is like sitting by a gentle stream which imparts insight, humor and ease.

I provide skillful attention as a teacher, facilitator and curious mentor.

Teacher:  At 18 I had my first calling which was to teach children with special needs. Motherhood was my second calling to teaching.  Finally an awakening to Yoga was my third calling at 42 years of age.  Trusting the forms of each of the three callings and each field of information, I continue to deepen my commitment to my students and to trust what these teacher/student relationships require.  I teach  what I know in my own body. I honor the process and unique unfolding of each my students.

Facilitator:  Over 20 years I have led groups and individuals through studies of varied topics: yoga, meditation, non- fiction creative writing, collage, women’s circles, InterPlay sessions, day long workshops, and week long workshops.  I seek to guide, inspire and allow a blending of my schools of study to support each person or group.


Creative Mentor:  Being a creative and compassionate mentor has been one of my greatest joys.  Holding questions, goals, life challenges, as well as each personas creative solutions is a deeply rewarding and life-sustaining process.  By both leading and following I find a recipe of blending the wisdom of my teaching experience, yoga wisdom, alert attention, InterPlay forms to support and draw out the immaculate beauty of each client. 

Who might be drawn to Madeline's attention and support?

-Women and men committed to a daily practice of self awareness, openness to the benefits of a yoga practice. 


-Those who yearn for life of embodied living.


-People of any body shape, gender and orientation seeking refuge from accumulated stress in their lives and lack of freedom in their bodies.  My teaching is focused on cultivating the qualities of ease, breath-centered surrender, and release so each person is able to listen and receive the body’s innate wisdom.

-Individuals who want personalized private sessions.  I blend and weave individualized yoga poses, deep listening and creative solution moving clients toward internal and physical ease.

-Groups of people, friends or like-minded folks who want someone to create a class or experience designed for their particular needs. 

CLASSES with Madeline

Join a women's only

Yoga Bliss Class

Tuesdays and Thursdays       1:00-2:30 

Carpathia Collaborative


Vacation 8/23-9/16!



restorative yoga with live cello!


MAY 11, 2019 

11:00AM -1:00PM


10260 N Central Exwpy, Ste 210, Dallas, TX 75231

More specific directions given at sign up.

*Opening our Hearts to the Web of life through 

*Deep and Gentle RESTORATIVE  YOGa


*Serving FRESH PRESSED JUICES and Organic G-F Snack










To embody is to remember that the mind, body, heart, and sprit as ONE.  Embodiment is corporal, encompassing, alive to sensations, touching into one's inner wisdom. To embody is to know the whole of the experience of a moment, without needing to know how you know.  At YPT embodiment is a key priciple of most teachings.


I am grateful to have been teaching Hatha based, Yin-focused, individualized yoga for over 16 years.   I continue to blend yoga wisdom, body felt senses, Ayurveda, heart in motion poetry and  live music to enrich my students practice.  Tending to each moment is my gift and privilege.


The power of play is ancient, essential and natural.  It brings ease to our nervous systems, bodies and our minds. Join me in exploring the power of InterPlay sessions in groups or used in privates to unplug us from our habitual ways of adapting to our lives. InterPlay is for over socialized adults seeking creativity,

body wisdom and community. See InterPlay offerings on this website.  

“The path toward claiming our own body wisdom is not just a journey deeper into individualism, it also leads us toward the wisdom of the corporate body.  Each of us carries just a portion of the truth.  It is also in the community that wisdom resides.  We are inextricably linked to each other at the most basic physical level.” -Phil Porter, co-founder of InterPlay

Carpathia Collaborative
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