InterPlay Community Day!


Imagine how children and animals play spontaneously and with a sense of  ease.  Scientific research tells us play is natural, essential and even considered medicine.  There are many ways to play: games, art, dance, movement, sports, puzzles etc.  This Interplay Community Day offers you an entry to a fresh start toward play as medicine. Your body relaxes, your breath deepens and a sense of knowing is cultivated.   In this group we support each others need for authenticity, connection, embodiment, storytelling, simple movement and playful listening.  Using  the tried and true InterPlay forms, you will get an opportunity to shake off your well worn patterns of perfectionism, seriousness, being over socialized and distrustful of  spontaneity. 


For 25 years InterPlay has been used around the globe to create safe containers for exploration of body and stories  We will use simple forms of “playing” and "telling" which create a deep sense of fun, connectiveness and ultimately a trust within a community of spirited players.

Saturday April 20, 2019


RSVP  214.674.6211 OR

Cost: $20 


Carpathia Collaborative   

10260 N. Central Expressway,  Suite 205

Dallas, TX  75231

Call Madeline for assistance!  GPS is not accurate!